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The Toll From New York Times Bestselling Author Neal Shusterman Comes The Thrilling Conclusion To The Printz Honor Winning Series Arc Of A ScytheIt S Been Three Years Since Rowan And Citra Disappeared Since Scythe Goddard Came Into Power Since The Thunderhead Closed Itself Off To Everyone But Grayson TolliverIn This Pulse Pounding Conclusion To New York Times Bestselling Author Neal Shusterman S Arc Of A Scythe Trilogy, Constitutions Are Tested And Old Friends Are Brought Back From The Dead um hello where is this book y all i posted this in january, i know when the book is coming out now lol Edited 10 10 19 neal, why full review to come The Toll The Greyson Toll iver.SAVE MY CINNAMON ROLLS. It says November 5, 2019 Is that new ish Scythe Thunderhead Update Neal Shusterman announced on March 18 on TwitterI am thrilled to announce that I just completed THE TOLL I didn t notice there was a title now Woah fangirls In the meantime, here s an interview I found from JanuaryBook three, currently entitled The Toll, takes place a few years after Thunderhead The world has changed in ways that follow from what happens at the end of Thunderhead Greyson becomes a very important figure in book three, as do all the key characters who survive book two, and even a few of the ones who don t because, as you know, death isn t always permanent A critical aspect will be the failsafe that the founding scythes created in case the scythedom became corrupt, and failed to uphold its moral imperative Also important will be a massive cover up, which I ve already alluded to in both Scythe and Thunderhead, concerning the nature of the tragedies in space that keep humanity earth bound We also find out a troubling truth about the mysterious rings that the scythes all wear I m busy working on The Toll as we speak Can t wait to get it out there https www.publishersweekly.com pw b

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