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The Scar Ebook The Scar By Pittacus Lore Contra Saustall.eu The Scar Is The Title Of A Pre Order Exclusive Chapter Of The Fall Of Five It Is Narrated By Number Six Shortly After She Is Punched In The Head By Five S Metal Fist And Then Healed By Marina.Number Six, Nine, Eight And Marina Have Travelled To The Everglades In Order To Find Five S Chest, They Come Across A Three Headed Alligator And Battle It Before Being Struck By Five, Six Remembers Striking The Beast With Lightning, Five Blowing Into His Obsidian Flute And Nine And Five Bickering.As She Slowly Awakens From Unconsciousness, After Her Skull Is Fractured By Five S Punch, She Feels Marina Healing Her But She Is Immobilised By The Pain She Remembers Renting The Fan Propelled Boat, Travelling Though The Everglades And Battling With The Three Headed Alligator But Is Unable To Recall How She Was Taken Down.While Gathering Her Strength, Six Attempts To Work Out What Is Happening Around Her, She Hears Fighting And Shouting But She Is Unsure Who Is Involved She Opens Her Eyes To See Eight Pleading For Calm And Nine Badly Injured.Six Finally Manages To Stand And Sees A Shape Moving In The Sky, Hears Shouting And Then Is Knocked Back Down As A Scar Sears Itself Into Her Ankle.

About the Author: Pittacus Lore

Pittacus Lore is Lorien s ruling Elder He has been on Earth preparing for the war that will decide Earth s fate His whereabouts are unknown.

10 thoughts on “The Scar

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    Me encanta leer sobre Seis, siempre lo hice en esta serie, pero leer esta escena nuevamente me hizo llorar una vez m s Todav a no puedo creer que sucedi.

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    Always nice to get the story from Six POV I was curious about what she was thinking during that fateful moment

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    Wow, I am disappointed What was this So less Even for enovella standards It s just describing pain felt by Six bcs of some bruises and then of Scar In fact the pain from Scar is just mentioned And what about later, her feelings Her thoughts She didn t even ...

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    I love reading from Six, always did in this series but seeing this scene again made me cry onceStill can t believe it happened.

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    No me pareci de gran aporte

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    An interesting throwback to several books ago Glad I finally got around to reading it.

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    deberia haberse incluido en el libro de cinco sin embargo esa la perspectiva de seis sobre lo ocurrido en los everglades

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    A complete re hash of the second to last chapter in The Fall of Five Nothing new is even remotely useful and there is no contribution to the main storyline A complete waste.Full Rating 0.95

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