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The Cowboy's Bride The Cowboy S Bride By Carolyne Aarsen Released On May , Is Available Now For Purchase

10 thoughts on “The Cowboy's Bride

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here A pretty stock standard story that executes itself sufficiently but does little to surpass itself The characters are archetypes that experience and say tropes and clich s I guess this is a good story to borrow to read if you are an ardent Christian and or prefer sterilized conce

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    I liked this book Great story 1st time reading this author might readof her books

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    I don t often read a romance but this is a nice break Joe has an attitude, and not at all sure about this new girl in town And Rebecca is not at all sure about Joe, so how will they get together

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    Joe Brewer is a horse trainer who is forced into taking over a rundown ranch that his brother inherited from their deadbeat father He keeps his life as simple as possible and fends off attracted Christian women who are attracted only to his looks Joe later meets Rebecca Stevenson at his bank she s related to the bankers who are negotiating a loan for his ranch and she

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    I really liked this book because of the theme cowboy I have liked horses since i was like three or so over time i began to like cowboys and country living Just this summer I fell in love with the homemade clothes andI really enjoyed reading this book because of the suspence that the book has al through out the book I rated this book five stars because of the great type of

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    I enjoyed this book for many reasons First, although it was a Christian romance It was not one that hit you over the head with it s Christianity It was just a nice story.Secondly, I like the idea of a slight cowboy influence.This book was a fun, quick read.I look forward to reading manyfrom this author.

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    If you want a book to waste time with any of these love inspired books fit that bill right away I started and finished this 250pg book in a matter of 2hrs Not much depth, doesn t make you think and definitely won t take you away like I like books to do for me.

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    Very well written, it pulled at my heart with real struggles we as Christians can face Romantic, yet not fluff.

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    Sweet Loved the hero.

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    One of those heart warming stories set in a clean romance novel Hard to find.

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About the Author: Carolyne Aarsen

Carolyne Aarsen is a blessed to have sincere Christian parents and to be married to a committed Christian husband But her first love was always fiction Because of her isolation from any kind of writing group, Carolyne learned to write by trial and error and by taking correspondence courses while she and her husband were raising their four natural children and the numerous foster children that came through their home She documented the fun and foibles of their life in a weekly humor column carried in a number of Alberta newspapers.In April 1997 she was thrilled to hear that her hard work had paid off with a contract with Steeple Hill Love Inspired books Since then she has published almost forty books with Love Inspired two books with Faith Words Hachette and eight books with Guideposts Her stories reflect a love of God, family, rural Canadian life and a profound appreciation of God s creation and how He constantly calls His children to Himself She hopes and prays that in her writing she can show how people s weaknesses are covered by Christ s strength Her dream is to make Christ s sacrifice accessible to people of all ages and places through the lives of her characters.Though she grew up in a city, she considers herself a full fledged country person When she s not writing, she s helping her husband with his logging business, their herd of cows, their horses and their chickens that managed to escape the clutches of the coyotes and owls They are also involved with the youth in their church.