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Spot Me (Work Out, #1) Epub Spot Me Work Out, 1 Author Andrew Grey Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Working Out Is A Daily Routine For Dan, Who Meets His Friend Lonnie At The Gym To Lift Weights But Breaking A Sweat Takes On A Whole New Meaning When Dan Sees Gene, A Professional Bodybuilder, In The Mirror Dan Knows It S A Lost Cause He S Forty And Nursing A Broken Heart, Nowhere In The Same League As Gorgeous Gene Then At The Gym The Next Day, Gene Asks Dan If He Can Work Out With Him A Bet Wins Dan A Smoothie And Conversation, Which Surprisingly Leads To A Date Now Dan Is Faced With A Dilemma Does He Allow Gene To Elbow His Way Into His Life, Or Will He Give Up On The Idea Of A New Relationship Before It Even Starts

About the Author: Andrew Grey

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10 thoughts on “Spot Me (Work Out, #1)

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    I admit I haven t read much by Andrew Grey I ve got several of his books in my TBR files, but I keep putting his books off I have no excuse, because there isn t a rhyme or reason to my madness whe

  2. says:

    it was cute both of the MC s were cute but they were also boring and the continuous work out scenes were too much for me and started to drag I probably shouldn t be surprised with all the gym workout sc

  3. says:

    Sweet start to the series that as usual I am reading totally out of order.Dan is finally getting over his lover asshat that he was leaving him after a decade together, and at the gym he meets Gene.Gene is ove

  4. says:

    Hmmhow to rate this This short story was a bit awkward Hobby gym rat Dan was left by his partner of 10 years and meets professional bodybuilder Gene who is simply perfect and wants to be seen as than a hot body.Th

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    Nice and heartwarming story I liked Dan s insecurities and what if Gene s maybe too good to be real Sometimes it s good at least to read about such people, if not meet them in real life And gym s routines were interestin

  6. says:

    Currently working through Andrew Greg s Contemporary anthology I own a couple of books already but for 9.99 makes the missing one s a lot cheaper than buying them individually.Andrew thanks for the booklist.

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    Cute Sexymakes me wanna go peek into the gym windows to see if I can find a Dan or Gene On to the next one.

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    A plus and minus review3 plusses, 2 minuses Gene This man easily bench presses 300 pounds, has a heart of gold, a winning and endearing smile, and outrageous, ginormous, extended pecs that in my imagination bounce and dance that c

  9. says:

    Never thought I could give 2 stars to an Andrew Grey, but hey, apparently I can This books disappointed me I did not like the characters.Grey tried to make Dan witty, but it backfired and only made him look like he tried too much to be the witt

  10. says:

    I feel like I m always taking a gamble when I buy a book from this author I ve liked a few and really not liked another few This one fell short for me Two guys meet at the gym, are attracted to each other, and get it on I thought Dan was too down on

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