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So many places . . . where to go?

There are just so many wonderful scenic drives in Spain, you'd need to write a book to cover them all. However, they all have some similarities: You can opt for a motor way, or the old A road system, somewhat the way it is in England.

You need to plan stopovers along the way for places that have suitable accommodation. You need to drive on the left, and remember the Spanish driving regulations. And you will need to keep your Euro guns loaded, as there are often no card facilities away from the major towns.


So, working on the assumption that the largest number of people end up on the Costa Del Sol, we've chosen a jaunt out to Granada (along a very circuitous route) from Malaga, as an example.

Granada and the Sierra Nevadas

A view of the Alhambra, overlooking Granada

From Granada, it's a one hour drive to the Sierra. You can ski in winter, and in the summer enjoy balmy days and nights wandering round the ancient Arabic villages.

The towns and cities of this entire South Eastern region of Spain, Seville, Granada, and Cordoba were the core of the great Arab power on the peninsular, when Morocco held sway, from 700 AD to 1500 AD, and there is much to be discovered throughout the region, many two or three day trips that can be enjoyed.

But first, let's get to Granada.

From Malaga to Granada - via lots of places

Malaga is a good start for these journeys, as you can pick up a car from our desk at Malaga Airport and head out early before the tourist hassle starts.

From Malaga via Ronda and the Rio Guadalevin muslim relics and villages, you first take the E15 to Ronda. About an hour out of Malaga you'll see sign posting for the El Tajo gorge, worth a look . . . an ancient Moroccan town stands on a high cliff over a really dizzy drop to the river.

And if you are thinking that Ronda, Seville and Cadiz are a long way from Granada you're right, but bear with . . . and all will be revealed.

To Seville! Well, via some other bits, first

After a while in Ronda, and Ronda could take a lifetime, it is so beautiful and weird, you take the A382 South West to the frontier towns, so called because they were the old front line between Islam and Christianity.

You go as far as Jerez de Frontera, and the country is special, its a national park along the course of the river and the panoramas The 'New Bridge' at Ronda. People who can call it that, without a thought, have a diffent perspective on timeare stunning.

And now, like some peripatetic worm, we turn! We turn Northish on the A4 to Seville. And there, an hour or two or more, later we are . . . in Seville, that is.

Dismount the vehicle, get out your brochures, load your Euro guns, and get those feet moving! Lots to see and do. Unless it's afternoon and about 100 degrees in the water bottle, then sit in the shade, have a yarn with the locals and drink mint tea. Tomorrow, early, the brochures.

And at last! Granada

North East along route A431 and lunch in Cordoba, Don't take the expressway (unless you're very hungry) but instead, but use this old "A" road along the river. It's a stunner!

Now Cordoba. Brochures, cameras, Euro guns . . . OK, Fooorward! And don't miss the Mezquita (what the Spaniards made out of Mesjid, or mosque in Arabic) . . . it's now a cathedral.

You can getSo you wanted Spain? Well, this is what fiesta time in Seville can look like lost in Cordoba for about half a lifetime, and not regret it, but it's tomorrow morning already, and we're off! N432, via Castro and Baena and head for Granada.

Don't forget these are high climbing country roads and Spain is hot, so be careful checking your oil and water every morning, and rest the vehicle a bit here and there.

While driving take it a little easy, don't push the vehicle, or the road, to their limits. Camber is not always what you would expect, and road verges should be regarded with a bit of caution.

But be prepared to be mind blown at the scenery. Drivers should stop and get an eyeful now and then.

Two and a half hours into it, (with a coffee stop) there's Granada and here we are. And straight to the bank, transfer your savings and get your pension forwarded, the real estate agents are just round the corner!

Along the way you'll find our car hire service locations at Seville and Cordoba.

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