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In a Sunburned Country Reading In A Sunburned Country By Bill Bryson Realestatelawcenter.us A CLASSIC FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ONE SUMMER Every Time Bill Bryson Walks Out The Door, Memorable Travel Literature Threatens To Break Out His Previous Excursion Along The Appalachian Trail Resulted In The Sublime National Bestseller A Walk In The Woods In A Sunburned Country Is His Report On What He Found In An Entirely Different Place Australia, The Country That Doubles As A Continent, And A Place With The Friendliest Inhabitants, The Hottest, Driest Weather, And The Most Peculiar And Lethal Wildlife To Be Found On The Planet The Result Is A Deliciously Funny, Fact Filled, And Adventurous Performance By A Writer Who Combines Humor, Wonder, And Unflagging Curiousity.Despite The Fact That Australia Harbors Things That Can Kill You In Extremely Nasty Ways Than Anywhere Else, Including Sharks, Crocodiles, Snakes, Even Riptides And Deserts, Bill Bryson Adores The Place, And He Takes His Readers On A Rollicking Ride Far Beyond That Beaten Tourist Path Wherever He Goes He Finds Australians Who Are Cheerful, Extroverted, And Unfailingly Obliging, And These Beaming Products Of Land With Clean, Safe Cities, Cold Beer, And Constant Sunshine Fill The Pages Of This Wonderful Book Australia Is An Immense And Fortunate Land, And It Has Found In Bill Bryson Its Perfect Guide.

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    Lovely little adventure a la Bill Bryson No one knows, incidentally, why Australia s spiders are so extravagantly toxic capturing small insects and injecting them with enough poison to drop a horse would appear to be the most literal case of overkill Still, it does mean that everyone gives them lots of space. What an absolutely st

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    I love Bill Bryson Yep, it s a full blown, one sided bromance Bryson could write a book about the history of the individual rooms within the typical house and I would love it he did and I did So, when I discovered he d written about his experiences while traveling Australia, I knew I d found my next good read In a Sunburned Country takes in

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    I developed a taste for Bill Bryson last year when I read his Short History of Nearly Everything, an ambitious attempt to trace the history of life, the universe and everything in just 574 pages While many of the scientific discoveries outlined in the book were a little beyond me, I thoroughly enjoyed Bryson s descriptions of the larger than life per

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    Ok First of all I m here to tell you that non fiction is normally not my bag I think I got this book because I forgot to send in the do not send notice in a book club That said. I m soooo happy that I didn t and I made myself read this OMG I lost track of how many times I laughed until there were tears running down my cheeks and how many smiles and chuckles it

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    I love Australia, even though I have never been there It has amazing wilderness and is the setting of beautiful movies it exports talented actors, actresses and directors it has that Great Barrier Reef thingy, which is apparently so wonderful that is is a Natural Wonder of the World and it is home to the stunning Sydney Opera House And oh yeah, Aussies gave us UGGs So w

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    Having travelled briefly through parts of Queensland and New South Wales several years ago, I d been waiting to catch up with Bryson s book ever since I now wish I d read it before I travelled or even during the trip itself It s full interesting information and ideas for places to visit and gave me loads of laughs A really good read whether you re planning a trip or just looking

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    Bill Bryson is on a short list of go to writers when I need a thoughtful but not too taxing book His travel works seem to follow the Bryson formula 1 Bryson travels around a country and gets drunk in hotel bars.2 Bryson gets pissed off at rude and stupid people but is usually forgiving and self depreciating.3 Bryson assiduously researches the locales beforehand and integrates history into

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    .Contains spoilersA wonderful read From belly laughs to joy, from horror to disbelief in this book we have a riveting journey though this amazing and oh so different continent Surely there are few authors who could begin to tackle the scope of this giant hunk of land, but Bryson is a master writer, and he tackles Australia superbly well with enthusiasm, insig...

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    Every yearor less , I take a trip up to New Brunswick, Canada, on a family vacation To get there from New York means about 10 hours in the car and once you re there, it is an hour and a half round trip to get groceries not counting time in the store and this is a trip that must be made about every other day, since the only fridge we have is small, weak, alarmingly old, and runs on propane The point is, we hav

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    That is of course the thing about Australia that there is such a lot to find in it, but such a lot of it to find it in In a Sunburned Country is a delightful read, and worth your time if for no other reason than that many of us will probably never get to Australia except in books and film and this text gets us there in its own way Bill Bryson has mixed anecdotal history, modern travel, biological and geographical histo

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