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It's a year round golfer's paradise and deciding which courses to play while you're there is most difficult task about playing golf on the Emerald Coast. The Destin area is home to some of the finest year round golf courses on this planet.

Along with offering degrees of challenge well-suited for players of every level of ability and talent, each area boasts its own brand of breathtaking scenery and all courses have outstanding facilities.

Renting a car when on a golf holiday will allow you to experience many different courses throughout Spain. You can work out which rental location will best suit your itinerary, by going here.

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Spain, with its sunny climate and stunning landscapes has long been a popular tourist destination for Europeans, especially the Costa del Sol. To cater for a sizable expat and tourist interest, notably British, Spain has a fine selection of golf courses in the popular areas. Here is just a selection.

  4 Andalucia
  4 Balaeric Islands
  4 Canary Islands
  4 Catalunya
  4 Comunidad Valencia

Discount car rental and hire round Spain's many golf clubs.

This section of our site will help you to find the perfect golf courses for you to visit. See them all before you even leave the UK. If you want to experience a few of these courses then hiring a car would be a good idea, this would also allow you to experience many of Spain's places of interest in your own time.

Spain has a tendency to explode into very crowded festivals at the drop of a hat. So, if you are travelling around to play golf, it may be wise to book ahead, and have a look through our "Places to Stay" pages.

You can pick up a vehicle,for a great golfing holiday round Spain at any of the locations on our Car Hire in Spain pages. If you are new driver in Spain, please refer to our"Driving Regulations" page.



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