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Baby Trolls Get a Bad Rap Trolls You Think You Know All About Them From What You Ve Read, Seen, Or HeardBut Have You Considered The Baby Trolls They Do Exist And They Have Something To Say Meet Horatio, Saul, And Little Grizelda Three Baby Trolls Who Just Want To Be Heard, Respected, And Most Of All, To Be Your Friend Baby Trolls Get a Bad Rap Underrated Babies Book 1 , by Justine Avery is a 22 page long illustrated children s book about trolls actually three of them Horatio, Grizelda and Saul Their aim is to convince the young reader that they are important in this world and they deserve attention too The big bad trolls get lots of attention, so why not them They explain their reasoning in cute and funny ways, again always directed at the reader.I found this book unique in that instead of presenting a story, the reader finds a threesome of characters who try to convince same said reader to sign a petition They start off by just assuming said reader will do what they ask, but when that doesn t happen, they go directly to Plan B and start over And this plan goes into or less detail as to why the reader should sign the petition, all the while maintaining their level of cuteness and humor First of all, the professional artwork matches the level I would expect in a book for this age group It s filled with detail, color and humor that keeps the reader wanting But second and perhaps most important, is the way in which they go about presenting their case for equal rights They don t demand, they request They nicely list their reasons for their requests, and back it up with respect to the reader, and then ask Please.The way in which Baby Trolls Get a Bad Rap Underrated Babies Book 1 , by Justine Avery, goes about helping people to ask instead of demand, will help young readers themselves to learn politeness and respect when they want something as well Highly recommended.

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