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Alanatomy Def recommend as an audio book Alan Carr s narration is truly hilarious Definitely preferred his first book as in agreement with other reviews I ve read this book just feels a bit all over the place struc The second of Alan s autobiographies, this basically covers his life since hitting the big time As others have said, and Alan himself acknowledges here, that means this is of a collection of anecdotes rather than a linear life story as the first book was There is a vague outline that meanders through his time on The Friday Night Project through to Chatty Man and beyond, but it s mostly various celebrity encounters and notable events from the past decade I didn t really mind this, but if you re averse to name dropping and constant digressions then do beware Read Look Who It Is My Story if you want to know about Alan s childhood and beginnings on the comedy scene and just sit back and enjoy him regaling you with amusing stories in this book I certainly did I adore Alan s turn of phrase and find him so natural and quick as both interviewer and interviewee He never s Download Alanatomy Alan Carr If You Loved Alan S First Memoir Look Who It Isthen This Follow Up, Alanatomy, Will Take You Further Into The Hilarious And Bizarre World Of The Country S Favourite Chatty Man For Anyone Who Has Taken The Time To See My Stand Up Performances Or Watched My Chat Show, Chattyman , Knows That My Body Has Hardly Been Kind To Me In Fact There Ve Been Times When We Ve Actually Stopped Talking To Each Other Balding, Myopic, Often Flaky With Psoriasis, Back Fat That Hangs Suspended Like A Cape, A Voice That Could Strip Varnish, An Increasingly Dodgy Hip And Even Dodgier Teeth Why Would You Draw Attention To It You Must Ask Couldn T You Just Call The Book Something Else Do You Think The Great British Public Is Ready To Pore Over Your Body Well, As I Turn Forty And Take Stock Of My Showbiz Life Over The Last Ten Years Or So, I Have Learnt To Embrace My Flaws And Face My Shortcomings In Fact, Strange As It Might Seem, The Things I Hate About Myself Have Become My Trademark And I Am Slowly, Begrudgingly Learning To, If Not Love Them, To At Least Live With Them I Am Ready Now To Take A Long Hard Look At Myself And That S What Alanatomy Is It S The Story Of My Rise To Fame The Joys, The Traumas, The Parties, The Disappointments Hopefully You Will Find It Witty, Fun, Heartwarming, But Importantly Honest, And That It Will Keep You Entertained Every Time You Pick It Up Alanatomy Is The Chance For You To Get Beneath My Skin And See The Real Me Because, And To Continue The Anatomical Theme If I May, This Showbiz Existence Can Sometimes Feel Like An Autopsy Picked At, Probed And Scrutinized With Every Inch Of Your Body Held Up For Analysis, But Unlike An Actual Autopsy, You Are Very Much Alive So I Give You Alanatomy The Inside Story I Am Laying Myself Out On The Slab For Your Entertainment Naked, Stripped Bare Grab Your Scalpel, Peel Back The Skin And Go Deep, Have A Good Old Probe Around At My Life So Far Yes, You Are Going To Find Guts, A Fair Bit Of Cheek, Maybe Even A Little Bit Of Gristle, But Hopefully, You Ll Find A Whole Lot Of Heart Alanatomy is the second autobiography from British comedian and chat show legend Alan Carr This book focuses on his celebrity years whereas his first book Look Who It Is focuses on his childhood and rise to fame.I really enjoyed both books, but for me I much preferred Alanatomy I really enjoyed the insights into Alan s celebrity lifestyle and the behind the scenes information on celebrities we all know and love that have appeared on Alan s chat show Chatty Man Full of stories and gossip about celebrities, my favourite anecdotes being meeting Grace Jones, and Alan and Bradley Walsh knocking on Lady Gaga s dressing room door Of course like all autobiographies, it isn t all sunshine and sparkles Whilst Alan hasn A balance must be made in any autobiography between irreverent fun and something meaty that actually makes you think Depending on the person the weight can be one way or the other I would expect a politician to have a serious memoir that is peppered with some amusing anecdotes, whilst a comedian would produce the opposite a funny book that has a few serious bits Alan Carr is perhaps, on the surface one, of the most irreverent comedians out there his interview technique seems to be mostly about comradery and not asking questions of state However, even he would need to strike some sort of balance if he wants Alanatomy to be a must read.This is Carr s second autobiography and it starts off where the first one ended, namely his big break into TV Immediately you are in the realms of seriousness as since appearing regularly on TV with Justin Lee Collins, one star has risen, whilst Collins has fallen At this point the reader is introduced quickly to Carr s style and that is one of refreshing truthfulness, but also a lightness of touch Carr knew Collins before any scandal hit and as a good friend and man Carr touches upon what happened, but sticks to what he actually knows, rather than throwing out conjectures.The book continues in this vein as Carr explores his life as a successful comedian, b I ve always enjoyed Alan s comedy so was pleasantly surprised to discover he d written a book Then I was pissed off because while reading Alanatomy I discovered there was a prequel But that s my luck I always start shit midway or at the end.Anyway.Alanatomy had me chuckling in bed late at night, it had me nodding in understanding and empathy at the struggles experienced courtesy of anxiety Another funny book about Alan s life I really enjoyed his first book This one covered his rise to fame I was a fan of The Friday night project from the start Who knew The coat of cash was a health and safety nightmare It looked fun I didn t find this as entertaining as his previous autobiography It didn t feel as structured of a ramble than anything else and I felt like there were interesting stories moments in his life that he only devoted a page or two to taking about, whereas ther Really enjoyed this series of anecdotes stories from the life of Alan Carr especially as I listened via audio and Alan actually spoke to me He was like my real life friend for a little while I would think oh no I need t I don t watch much in the way of light entertainment television, but have enjoyed interviews with Alan Carr in the past, so bought this when it came up as a daily deal on Audible Self depreciating and funny, i

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